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Accurate and reliable measurements of your body fat, metabolism and overall fitness. Get feedback that helps you plan and perform better.
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Take the guesswork out of learning your baseline health and fitness level. Clearly identify where you store fat, improve your metabolic rate, and optimize your performance.

checkDXA: The gold standard for body fat testing, lean mass analysis, and bone density screening

checkVO2 Max: Your aerobic base, anaerobic threshold, VO2 Max, and heart rate zones

checkRMR: Your specific calorie needs, your fat burning efficiency, & your metabolic health

Confirm or expose the theories guiding your diet, exercise and lifestyle decisions. Avoid wasting time, money and effort on programs and choices that don’t work.

checkWhere you’re losing fat and building muscle

checkHow efficiently you burn fat for energy

checkIf your plan is optimal for you


Visualize and learn from accurate and unbiased data about your health and fitness. Eliminate the conflict between reality and your feeling of what reality “ought to be.”

checkReliable data and feedback

checkBetter plans for reaching better goals

checkA leaner and healthier you


"N.F.L... You may know it as the 'National Football League', players call it 'Not For Long'.  This means I must maximize my offseason efforts with proper diet and training to be the biggest and leanest player I can. DexaFit gives me the confidence that I'm gaining the appropriate weight for my position. That means muscle, not fat. This ensures that I won't lose a step in my game."

- Nick Roach, Middle Linebacker, NFL's Oakland Raiders & DexaFit client

"As a fitness coach, my goal is to support my clients' goals as well as help them get there as quickly as possible all while working with behavior change to make their goals last for the long term (lifestyle change). Too often, you have to make guesses on how intense a workout should be, how much they should be eating and even if your measurements for assessing body fat is correct. DexaFit changes all of that. There is no guessing! Everything is based off of you and where you are currently so that you know what you need to do to reach your goals quickly!"

Tosha P., Fitness Coach, Atlanta, GA


"DexaFit is the gold standard of body composition analysis. I have used every method of body fat testing in my research, including the DXA scan, bod pod, and hydrostatic weighing, but nothing compares to the data and detail from the DXA report. Olympians, professionals, and the leading sports science and performance centers use DXA to identify muscle imbalances and optimize the training of their athletes. Lean tissue is a sign of health and vitality. Excessive body fat is not. Your scales can't tell the difference. Other methods are estimates at best. But a DexaFit body composition scan is a direct measurement you can trust."

-Ben Peterson, PhD, Author of Triphasic Training & Sports Performance Manager, Catapult Sports Science
"Simply put, knowing my TRUE body fat % and composition motivated me to train harder and eat even better than I did before I got scanned.  If you have even a passing interest in your health, then go to DexaFit and get a DXA body scan done."

Dan A., DexaFit client, Chicago, IL

"I use data to make dozens of decisions everyday. However when it came to the most important aspect of my life -- health and wellness -- I realized that I had little to no data, which scared me half to death. DexaFit helped me achieve a baseline from which to build upon and maintain in my journey toward optimal health and fitness. I only wish DexaFit were in every major city!"

- Warren P., DexaFit client, Chicago, IL

"Accommodating friendly and knowledgeable staff. This test is a MUST and ridiculously affordable. DexaFit gave me a great baseline of personal health information to build off of and improve upon."

- Matthew R., DexaFit client, Atlanta, GA

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